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There are two kinds of men

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First Date

I was so very nervous to go on a date with Kyle. I liked him so much. I got so butterflies so much just thinking about our date while I was getting ready. I really wanted this date to go good. Before we left I asked him to meet my grandfather. I was so happy that he was willing to meet him before we left. I wanted my grandfather to like him as much as I did. After meeting him we got into his mom’s car. It was a very nice car. The car had a built in GPS and I thought it was so cool. He took me to a Japaneses Stake House called ShiChi. I was so nervous. As we were shown to our table, I was hoping that no one else would join us. I didn’t want for things to become awkward. The cheif must has noitced we were on our first date because of how shy I was. He made a heart with the cooking oil and caught it on fire. This made me even more flustered. After dinner we when to the movies. We saw Here Comes The Boom. To be honest, I didn’t really want to see it, but I didn’t want to tell him that. Was we sat watching the movie, I was wanting, waiting for him to make a move. Like hold my hand or put his arm around me, but he didn’t. I didn’t know how to take that. I thought that I was being too shy. At the end of the movie, I was glad he had picked it because it had turned out to be a good movie. On our way back to my house it wasn’t too late, it was only around nine when we got back to my house. He put the car in park. We looked at each other for a minute. He asked me if I had a good time. I said yes. To be honest, I feel that it was the best first date I had ever been on. I had never been to ShiChi. It was an amazing experience. Then he grabbed my face pulling me close and kissed me. I just wanted to melt into his lap. When he pulled away , looked at me and asked me to be his girlfriend. Saying yes with a big smile on my face we began kissing again. And I didin’t want the moment to end.   

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